Optimal Wellness Through
Massage, Bodywork
and Energy Healing

By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Optimal Wellness is achieved when all aspects of ourselves come into balance. The quickest and most effective way to do this is through the body, with massage, bodywork, and energy healing.

As our body relaxes and opens into the present moment, we come back to ourselves, to center.

Massage and other body-oriented practices bring us back to our center.  And when we are centered, we experience peace, balance, clarity of mind, and joy.

Stress melts away, and solutions to problems arise effortlessly.

Regularly scheduled sessions remind us of what centered feels like, and can actually readjust our body's "set point" so we can return to center more quickly after experiencing life's challenges.

And, of course, regular massage and healing work can also make the journey more pleasurable and effortless!

Wellness is a state of mind where health and joy are possible in each moment. It's a journey into deeper levels of Presence…into relaxation, creativity and inspiration which are our natural gifts.

You can experience harmony in all aspects of yourself. An ordinary moment can become extraordinary, where feeling "okay" becomes living life fully, even ecstatically. Body-oriented work can help.

Our issues get stuck in our body

Our problems often present themselves in our bodies as aches and pains in various forms. All our problems have a body component. These "issues in the tissues", a pain in the neck, the weight of the world on our shoulders, things we can't stomach or want to get off of our chest, etc., respond to a holistic approach.

We all embody our life “story”, the repetitive pattern of thoughts and emotions that become the narrative of our life. Our past experiences are reflected in our bodies, how we carry ourselves, how we hold tension, how we move through life. Massage and bodywork can help loosen the grip of this story and allow us to open to new possibilities, new directions.

Our body not only mirrors what is going on psychologically, it can actually hold us back...literally weighing us down. Body-oriented work can help us move into a new, joyful way of being, accelerating our overall growth.

We often experience pain and hold onto unpleasant experiences long after they occur. Body-oriented healing can help us release the past and experience the spaciousness and joy available in the present moment.

Master Level Massage, Bodywork and Energy Healing

My work has been refined over more than 35 years of practice. As a student of meditation (see Agni Yoga Meditation) and energy healing, I traveled around the world to sacred spots, including Egypt and the Far East. I studied with advanced healers from several traditions.

I was fortunate enough to study in-depth with one master of energy healing, Dr. Russel Paul Schofield, who founded the School of Actualism. He and several of his students had extended perception to see into our bodies and energy fields and heal with Inner Light. As I practiced this work, my perception also began to extend, so I could see directly where clients were energetically stuck.

After years of study, I went on to be president of Actualism and direct their Psycho-physical Bodywork Training program. For more about my training, view my profile.

I work with clients looking for pain relief, stress management and better self-care. Together we work to heal the root cause of physical and emotional discomfort.

I do not offer traditional Swedish massage but instead provide a unique form of energy healing bodywork.

As part of each session,I teach specific guided Inner Light meditations that accelerate our work together. 

The combination of precision technique, Inner Light, and bodywork create a safe, respectful environment for deep healing and awakening.

This work can be especially useful for those who want to take their spiritual practice, yoga, or psychotherapy to the next level.

Clients have reported the following benefits:

  • inner stillness, spaciousness & peace
  • feeling balanced, clear & centered
  • a sense of freedom, lightness & Light
  • new insights about life purpose
  • clarity of mind
  • increased energy & alertness
  • release of emotional and physical pain 
  • feeling of renewal, rejuvenation, ease

What I Offer:

Life Energy Massage/Consciousness Clearing Bodywork is my most popular session. It is a unique, gentle hands-on experience of profound depth. 

This session focuses advanced healing energy into your body to clear out the “old story”…the habitual patterns of thought and feelings held in the body. As these are cleared, there's a new sense of embodied Presence and lightness.

Clients report release from the effects of past trauma, reduced negative thinking, improved sleep, increased energy, expansive feelings, etc.

The first session includes the Life Energy Assessment (see below).

The Star Experience Deep Tissue Bodywork goes beyond tension relief and relaxation to help release deeply held issues. Connect with the deep wisdom of your body, and learn the art of letting go into inner peace and spaciousness.

Clients report it can help with neck, back or shoulder pain, problems with grounding, fixed, limited perspectives, stress, anxiety, etc.

This session focuses more on deep tissue work than the Consciousness Clearing Bodywork.

Life Energy Assessment and Alignment is an evaluation of the quality and quantity of your life energy throughout your body, including your chakras and energy field.

Using advanced perception, I report to clients where I see obstructions to the flow of their life force and where their energy is strong. As I do this, we discuss how this informs their life experiences. After the assessment, I lead the client in an Inner Light Energy meditation to begin to clear the obstructed areas. We then proceed to the hands-on work.

All new clients get the Life Energy Assessment at their first session with me. It gives an overview of where a person's life energy is flowing and stuck.

Chakra Balancing Massage focuses on the energy centers (chakras) that run vertically along the center of our bodies. These  centers are sources of energy and pure consciousness. For more about this work, go to Chakra Balancing Massage.

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