Chakra Balancing Massage
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Are you looking for more than a surface massage of your muscles?

Do you want something that goes deeper…that awakens your chakras, clears blockages in your energy flow and helps you experience and express more of your luminous spirit?

Benefits Of A Chakra Balancing Massage

Our Chakra Balancing Massage, was developed based on over 35 years of experience helping people heal and awaken. Here are some of the benefits:

--Balances your body’s Life Energy so your life is more effortless, joyful.

--Mobilizes the power of the Healer Within to promote wellness, ease.

--Deep relaxation and a relief from busy thoughts and uncomfortable emotions. As your thoughts slow, clarity, insight and understanding naturally emerge.

--A deeper awareness of Self that you can let go into.

--Access to positive feelings and more spacious sensations, more joy, less pain.

--Learn take home energy meditations to extend the benefits into your daily life.

--Can be helpful in troubled relationships, chronic health problems, financial issues, weight problems.

What Are Chakras?

The roots of Chakra Balancing Massage go back thousands of years to traditional energy healing practices. In many cultures, energy centers, sometimes called chakras, were identified. The most well known system today is the the Hindu seven chakra system developed about 2 thousand years ago, but there are numerous others.

While many of these ancient approaches have value, it can be a mistake to just import an ancient system and expect it to work well today.

Our consciousness has evolved tremendously over time and the issues we face require new approaches. Still, can take the best of older systems and update them to be more suitable for today.

I practice and teach an updated version of energy healing and consciousness awakening, more appropriate for the western body and mind than older systems. Our focus is different than in ancient times.

Our First Session

After years of practice, teaching and experiential research, I can use my extended perception to see the unique energy of each person I work with.

At the first session I will evaluate your body's energy as well as the condition of your major chakras. Then I will teach you an Inner Light-Fire energy technique to begin to transform your chakras and body consciousness. Finally, we help correct energy imbalances through the chakra balancing massage.

We work with chakras that are not spoken of in most older traditions. One is located in the upper chest in back of the Thymus gland. It has to do with issues of will,power and conflict. This center for Good Will is crucial for helping us stand steady in the world, as well as for helping our immune system stay strong and vitalized.

Our issues are organized in our bodies in very specific ways. We do take grief "to heart" and feel "heartaches" in the heart center area. We get "all choked up" in the throat center, and carry undigested experiences in our bellies.

Work on the chakras of each of these areas can be of tremendous benefit in freeing us from challenging issues. It can help us handle stress better, change old patterns of behavior and transform pain, negativity and uncomfortable emotions.

As our chakras are balanced and awakened, our potential for loving, healing and growing is awakened.

We can live our lives more effortlessly and joyfully, becoming a greater source of Light and healing for others.

What makes this work most effective is the combination of guided meditation and hands-on work.

We work together to clear out energy blocks and reconnect to your vital life force.

How It Works

Our Chakra Balancing Massage focuses on your body and mind as an energy system made up of interacting components. Each system of our body uses life energy to accomplish an interrelated purpose.

As examples, our heart and circulatory system pumps blood to and from all the organs and cells, our respiratory system helps us breath, our nervous system acts as a communication system. These "energy systems" all work together to support and enliven each other.

The deepest source of their energy is the chakra system. Our chakras are source points for life energy that each express a unique state of consciousness.

We live in a sea of interacting energy.

And we ourselves are beings of life-energy. We are Being of Light!

We create a safe, supportive environment to promote your natural healing capabilities. Using Inner Light-Fire, soothing touch and intuitive guidance, I work with you on your full body, bringing special attention to the energy chakras.

Here the work is to help release excessive, uncomfortable energy, and fill each chakra with pure, calming life energy that then naturally circulates throughout your body and beyond. 

How Do You Get Started?

I recommend an initial series of 6 Chakra Balancing Massage sessions. The first one takes about an hour and 30 minutes and includes an assessment of your life energy and energy centers, guided Inner Light-Fire Meditation and a hands-on Consciousness Clearing bodywork session.

The following sessions, which take about an hour, are customized to meet your needs. Most but not all involve massage or bodywork, while a few are training sessions in Inner Light-Fire that teach you techniques for purifying and awakening your chakras on your own.

These guided meditations train you to express the Light of your true nature into the world. The massage helps free up your chakras and body to let go of old stuck energetic patterns as well as increase your capacity to experience and express pure life energy as your chakras awaken and are enlivened.

I travel to New York City a few  times a year to see private clients. In New York City the initial session costs $250. Additional sessions cost $200-250, depending on the amount of time we choose. Contact me using the form below.

I also work out of my home office in western Massachusetts. Contact me below for more information.

For more information, or to schedule a Chakra Balancing Massage appointment, reach him through the contact form below or call him using the Google phone app below.

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Client Comments

“I wanted to thank you for the experience yesterday at your inner light center. I feel much lighter in my skin today and keep reminding myself that it is OK to allow myself to feel this relaxed and present. I was tired when I got home yesterday and went to bed with my daughter. I fell asleep with her resting on me. In my dream I saw myself run to my window and look up at the night sky, at that point I saw a beautiful star shining brightly and realized all of a sudden that it was my star. I woke up at that point and a flood of memories flashed through me like fragments of light and I suddenly felt peace. Thank you.  I will try to cultivate my star and inner light. 

Thank you again,”

Kara Hayes, Hadley, MA

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