Opening Chakras
Can Be Dangerous
Cleanse & Awaken Them Instead 

By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Beware of Opening Chakras

Chakras are focal points within ourselves where we can connect with and express the Inner Light of our true nature. But techniques for opening chakras can lead to serious problems. Over the past 40 plus years I've helped a lot of people who have gotten into trouble because they tried a technique before they were ready!

Most people have not purified and awakened these energy centers (chakras) so they hardly function at all. Some spiritual and energy practices can help awaken these energy centers to express more powerfully the radiance of your true nature, the Presence. within you. When awakened, more of your Light can shine, uplifting your consciousness so that it can radiate joy and goodness into the world.

The problem with open chakras is that some people become too opened, too soon, and end up attuned to negativity and pain. We don't want to experience that or radiate that out into the world.

This can happen to sensitive people - they can take in too much from others or from the environment and don't know how to protect themselves. They can take on the pain of others and can find themselves flooded with depression, anxiety and other challenging feelings that are not their own.

Instead of radiating Light, they end up experiencing and expressing pain.

We don't want to learn tools for opening chakras but rather learn to gradually and safely cleanse and awaken them. I've spent years and years learning and teaching specific techniques to do this. We can learn to express our Light and power within ourselves and outward into the world.

My Experience With Helping Folks Awaken Chakras

I’ve been practicing and teaching meditation and awareness tools for over 40 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of people, teaching safe, step-by-step methods of awakening and cleansing energy centers (chakras).

Folks have come to me in pain, confusion and anxiety, who have practiced opening chakras on their own, often from a book or the internet. They’re in trouble and don’t know what to do. There is so much misinformation out there.

I’ve helped them come back to balance, through Energy Healing and guided energy practices called Inner Light-Fire. Sometimes my work has included closing down their chakras so clients can slow down, not take in negativity and pain from others, and instead heal themselves. This often involves deep emotional work.

Dangerous Territory

As a spiritually oriented psychotherapist, I’ve observed people in mental wards who have intentionally or unintentionally opened chakras. They hear voices or see images that most of us would say are not there. They act and behave crazy, and they are not grounded or present.

What may be happening to them is that they have had a chakra opening into realms that they can’t handle, and the information flowing into them is too much. They’ve lost their balance and connection to the earth. It's like they've blown a circuit.

Years ago I worked with a young man who had taken LSD and practiced Kundalini meditation, at the same time. He focused on opening chakras, but he wasn't ready. He got in touch with such “big energy” that he couldn’t get back. He was living at a mental ward, unable to function. At that time psychiatry and I had little to offer him. 

Now I do. Over the years since then I've worked with many people who have connected to energies that they couldn't comfortably handle alone.

For people who contact me, I often start with a Life Energy Assessment, Here, I can evaluate what is going on with them from an energy perspective. Fortunately, this session works just as well long distance as in person, and I've worked with folks all over the world.

Then, I often teach these clients safe, step-by-step techniques along with counseling. I help people with their anxiety, and other emotional states and I help them ground. I don't work with people who are psychotic, but I do work with healthy individuals who have the ego strength and desire to become more grounded, balanced and fully alive. For some people I recommend deep emotional healing, like the work we do at our retreats. (See below.)

Highly Sensitive People And Open Chakras

Many people walking around have open chakras. You may be one of them! Do you find yourself picking up negativity from others? Do you sometimes go places and feel awful afterwards, when nothing particularly upsetting has happened?

We might call this being highly sensitive, although others can use a more judgmental term "oversensitive." Highly sensitive people can take on other people’s energy.  or get overwhelmed by intense stimuli. 

They don’t need any more opening to outside influences! What they do need is good boundaries and grounding.

Highly sensitive people need to learn how to manage their own life energy.

My main work is with sensitive individuals to help them stop suppressing “negative” feelings and learn to transform these stuck feelings into love, passion and excitement. 

We do this work at our Grief, Loss and Difficult Feelings retreats. 

Chakra Blockages

Chakras are energy centers in the body, that lie vertically along the midline of the body. Different systems give varied information about the number, size, and position of them. 

While they can be sources of pure energy and healing for us, most people’s chakras are hardly functioning at all and, as just mentioned, are open to external negative influences.

And many of us have chakra blockages due to past conditioning. We may have been told our bodies are bad or ugly (see this article on shame) and have little awareness or life energy in our lower chakras around the belly and sexual areas. (We may be stuck in our heads.) Or we may feel we are dumb and have a blocked head center. Or that we are out of touch with our feelings and have a restricted heart center. And so on.

I’ve worked with numerous folks who are depressed. It’s like they actually have a “cloud over their heads.”  I often see chakra blockages at the crown center area, at the top of the head, that relates to this. As they cleanse and awaken this chakra, their whole outlook changes. This often involves the deep emotional work mentioned above, to get to the root of their depressed feelings and heal them.

These clients can make rapid progress as they work through their stuck emotions, especially grief and anger. Suddenly the blockages are gone and they feel better, more joyous and present.

Opening chakras is not the answer. More often than not emotional work is much more effective and useful.

Evaluating Your Chakras Session–At A Distance

For people who want to find out more, I offer a distance healing energy session where I evaluate your chakras, body energy and energy field. Using Skype or FaceTime, I look at you with extended perception (developed after years of Inner Light-Fire practice) and discuss with you what is going on. It is a full Life Energy Assessment. For more information go to Distant Healing Energy Session.

I also teach a valuable Inner Light-Fire technique to begin cleansing and healing your body and mind. The session takes about an hour and twenty minutes and costs $225.

Learn To Awaken and Cleanse Chakras

Instead of opening chakras, I  recommend guided energy healing meditations that uplifts and transform the consciousness of the your body and energy centers.

Closed chakras don’t need to be opened, they need to be awakened so they function according to their design, which is to be wonderful sources for personal expression, for expressing Light and Love. Awakened chakras express the Light of who you are at the deepest levels.

Your heart chakra, for example, is a place to express the vital energy of love in your relationships. Your head chakra can be the place for you to get in touch with insight and deep understanding.

Each vital center has a gift to express...the gift of you, your Presence, your Light.

The method for awakening the chakras I am most familiar with, and that I teach, is called Agni Yoga or Inner Light-Fire..

About once a year I lead a retreat that includes this safe way to awaken the chakras called Inner Light Healing Retreat.

It’s a step-by-step process of cleansing your whole body and mind from negativity and blocks to the free flow of your life force. It contains techniques that awaken your energy centers as part of an overall process that works with your whole body and mind. In this way awakening happens safely and effectively.

Jon Terrell offers counseling and energy healing for individuals and couples at his office in Northampton, Massachusetts, in downtown Manhattan, and via Skype and FaceTime. He also offers distance sessions for those further away. For more information or if you have a question, contact him using the form below.

Jon Terrell, M.A.
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