Distant Healing Energy

By Jon Terrell, M.A.


I am often contacted by people outside of my home area in Massachusetts who seek help with distant healing energy or want me to evaluate, repair, and cleanse their energy centers (chakras). Some have accidentally or intentionally opened their chakras and are in physical or psychological pain.

The distance sessions work just as well as in-person work.

Using Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or another video service, we thoroughly evaluate a client's life force (see below). Then, I teach clients how to amplify self-healing and continue their healing journey after our meeting using Inner Light-Fire techniques that help them access the healing power within themselves.

I do not claim to heal others, but I can help people access the power of healing within themselves.

Extended Perception

Distant Healing Energy sessions are unique in several ways. Perhaps the most unique aspect is that I have the gift of extended perception. I  can look at you at a distance and see directly where your life energy is flowing and where it is blocked.

The first part of the session evaluates your body, energy centers, and energy field. I do this by looking at you, as I have the gift of clairvoyant perception due to years of meditation. I call this process an Energy Assessment

Distant Healing Energy Assessment

We hold our attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs about ourselves and others in our bodies in a highly organized pattern. Our life story is written in our body–in our energy centers (chakras), organs, and body structures.

As someone once said, “Our issues are in our tissues.”

I've discovered that our body, energy center (chakras), and energy field create a three-dimensional map of who we are and what issues we need to fix. This map shows us what we need to transform to grow, heal, and thrive.

In the distant healing energy assessment, I look at you while standing several feet in front of your video camera. Starting at your feet, I work my way up.

First, I evaluate your body and its energy centers. 

We compare your left and right leg and talk about your ability to ground, stand up and take a stand in your life. Are you able to stand steady and move where and when you need to? Can you stand your ground and put your foot down when necessary? Or are your legs weak and not connected to the earth?

We look at the differences between your two legs. A person’s left side often relates to issues with their mother and women in general, and the right side to problems with their father and men. We discuss the areas where you are losing energy and what each area means–feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and into your pelvis.

Then I continue the distant healing energy assessment up to the top of your head, focusing on your energy centers, the chakras. We discuss most centers and evaluate the quality and quantity of your life-energy in each one and its relation to your life.

(These energy centers are related to the Hindu system of chakras, but are also quite different than what most people are teaching.)

I look at the organs in your body and what they are communicating. Sometimes, for example, a person's digestive tract expresses turmoil, sadness and worry. These clients are caught up in undigested experiences from their past that they need to work through.

The next part of the assessment is to evaluate your energy field. Here we focus more on your relationships with others, and how those relationships affect you now. 

Inner Light-Fire Energy

After the assessment, we get to work to begin the process of transforming the areas where your life energy is obstructed or distorted. Old beliefs about ourselves and others are, as I have said, stored in the body in a highly organized pattern.

Generally, we hold mental issues in our heads and necks, problems with our willpower, in the shoulders and upper chest, emotional issues in our chest and abdomen, and grounding or power issues in our legs.

I find body metaphors, such as these, particularly valuable:

  • Can we stand up for ourselves?
  • Do we have something we need to get off our chest?
  • Do we have a heavy heart?
  • Or do we have a chip on our shoulder?
  • Is someone a pain in the neck in our life?
  • What can't we stomach?

The Inner Light-Fire energy tools I teach, help you transform the issues in your body and energy field. You free up the stuck places within yourself by burning the blocks away with Inner Light-Fire and then absorbing "the healing essence."

The Inner Light-Fire doesn't harm you, but it destroys the patterns of beliefs that have trapped or victimized you. The Light works to dismantle energy blocks in your body, centers, and energy field. As you free yourself from these obstructions, trapped energy and awareness returns to you.

Clients immediately feel relief.

It is a step-by-step process of gradually transforming your stuck places and reclaiming your awareness, power, and Light!

You end up feeling stronger, healthier, more alert, and present. And more grounded.

You start to change your old story and become more open to the beauty and freedom available to you.

One gift of the Inner Light-Fire energy work is that you can continue the process independently. Some clients become lifetime students of this type of energy healing, studying with me to learn new techniques periodically that help them move forward on their life journey with more love, pleasure, and ease. 

What Does Distant Healing Energy Cost?

A 1.5 hour distant healing energy session costs $250. Clients pay before the session through PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.

Additional sessions in the Inner Light-Fire techniques are, when requested, $200. and take about an hour. Written instructions (pdf) are included with most classes. Click here for more information about Inner Light-Fire.

Setting Up An Appointment

If you would like to schedule a distant healing  energy session, or have any questions about my work, use the form below to contact me.  Let me know your location and possible times (in your time zone) for an appointment. I live on the East Coast US, in Massachusetts, and generally have daytime appointments available during the week.

You will need a computer with a video camera or a phone or portable device capable of showing  your whole body standing up. 

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