Agni Yoga Meditation
Inner Light-Fire
Led By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Agni Yoga Meditation (Inner Light-Fire) is a unique, mindful modality that combines the restorative and centering aspects of traditional meditation practices with Inner Light-Fire energy.

You gain all the benefits of meditation with the added healing and awakening benefits of Inner Light-Fire. We work together to cleanse and awaken the consciousness of your body, energy field and chakras so that you can experience and express the radiance of your true nature.

At our core we are truly Beings of Light-Fire. You learn to connect with this vast resource within each one of us for healing and creative expression in daily life.

You learn to express the  Light within you into the world as a powerful force for good.

The methods I teach are based on methods taught by Russell Paul Schofield who founded the School of Actualism in 1959. I was a senior trainer of this program for many years, and directed several of their training centers and programs.

It is related to ancient energy practices such as Tummo in Tibet, circulation of Light by Chinese Taoists, and Agni (fire) yoga and Tantric practices in India.

Agni Yoga Meditation is an active form of meditation. To learn about the three types of meditation and why this is an Active Meditation click here: A Brief Guide To Meditation.

With Agni Yoga you learn to tap into and bring Inner Light-Fire through your body to clear out the issues that keep you feeling out of harmony with others and separate from your true nature.

Changing Your Story, Transforming Your Body And Mind With Agni Yoga Meditation

The story of our lives is written in our bodies, and as we free our bodies with Inner Light-Fire meditation, our story changes, often dramatically.

Agni Yoga Meditation differs from most types of meditation in its focus on transforming and awakening body consciousness.

Carolyn Myss says, "Our biography becomes our biology." With Agni Yoga Meditation, our biology is transformed, freeing vital life energy that was trapped in  the old story of the past. We come alive with new options, new directions in our lives. We write a new biography. We're freer from the past.

"It is hard now for me to remember what it felt like to be in the state I was before! I feel blessed and incredibly fortunate for my experiences." Suzanne Rush 

And, as you awaken to Presence you experience a connection with all life and with all aspects of yourself. Each part of you awakens to the whole.

The goal of Agni Yoga Meditation is to experience wholeness or unity consciousness while being present in the physical world.

This contrasts to many mediation techniques and yoga practices that have you rise into an experience of unity consciousness, which soon fades after the meditation is completed.

I've often said, “It’s easy to get high." The real challenge is bringing that high into daily experience. The tools and techniques of Agni Yoga are especially useful for this. They help us awaken the consciousness of our bodies and minds to the divine at both a personal and planetary level.

Regular practice leads to deeply relaxed, centered and expansive states. In addition, there are numerous practical applications such as healing of self and others, increased creative expression, and open and effortless communication with all forms of life.

"These teachings have increased my sensitivity. The ability to interact with enlightened awareness and to utilize healing energy has transformed my practice and my life at all levels." D. Pfeffer, M.D.

For more on Agni Yoga Meditation, go to Inner Light-Fire Meditation.

I’ve been practicing and teaching Agni Yoga for over 40 years, and currently teach it at the Omega Institute each summer, and to clients in New York City and Massachusetts. 

This is challenging work and should not be taken on lightly. Meditation and the process of awakening challenges all our habitual patterns of thinking and feeling. Inner Light-Fire reveals that which is ready to be transformed, bringing up into our awareness our issues that parts of us would rather suppress! We can suppress by getting sleepy during meditation sessions, forgetting to session or suddenly needing to do something else in the middle of a meditation session. Yet the process of coming back into present moment awareness is awakening, is meditation, in its deepest sense.

I offer individual and yearly small group sessions via the phone and Skype. Read on for the details:

Agni Yoga Meditation Program Objectives

  • Help you establish or re-establish and deepen a mindful meditation practice and receive the numerous benefits of meditation.
  • ·Provide support for your individual work and introduce you to a like-minded community doing this work for personal and planetary benefit.
  • Teach skills for navigating in awareness through your body consciousness to explore your inner landscape without getting caught up in limited and limiting states of consciousness.
  • Teach skills to connect with and direct Inner Light-Fire energy throughout your body consciousness to purify, heal and awaken personality consciousness to Presence.
  • Teach specific energy and awareness tools for inner work and practical applications. Connect to limitless pure sources of life-energy within.
  • Purify and awaken the chakras within your body-mind that are sources of pure life energy, and learn to express their Light and power throughout your consciousness and into the world.
  • Teach how to "gather and enlighten" ordinary awareness (that tends to identify with what it perceives) so that you can relate in life with enlightened awareness. From this place you can more easily open to and express your inner wisdom and guidance.


I offer intensive retreats in Inner Light-Fire (Agni Yoga) Meditation about once a year. Being physically together has many advantages...the "tools of light" are that much more powerful when we are in each others energy fields.

And at these events I can teach specific "hands-on" energy healing techniques that accelerate the benefits of meditations by clearing out energy blockages in the body.

The Agni Yoga Meditation retreats is an opportunity to create a loving supportive community (Sangha) to help each other on the journey towards wholeness.

It is experiential: Rather than a discussion about meditation we will directly practice it. You will learn from your experiences, rather than taking my or anyone’s word for its efficacy. If you’ve wanted to establish a meditation practice, this is for you.

Learn how to access Inner Light and direct it throughout your body and mind to clear out physical and psychological stuck patterns that are holding you back. Learn a safe method to awaken your chakras.

Go Here For The Full Information

Private Training

For those who cannot travel to a retreat or prefer individualizes training sessions. I offer the option of phone or Skype sessions in Agni Yoga meditation. And, for those of you near New York City or western Massachusetts you can schedule sessions with me in person.

At each session you will learn an Inner Light-Fire technique which you will practice at home and then report you progress to me at our next meeting.

Zoom, Skype or FaceTime sessions are $200. Most sessions take a little over an hour. The cost for sessions at my offices vary depending on location.

Written instructions of each technique are provided in pdf form.

Guided Inner Light-Fire Meditation Available Now!

A 28 minute audio download, called The Star Introduction is now available for $12.00 payable by credit or debit card via PayPal. Click on Buy Now below, and you will be directed to PayPal's payment page and then to the mp3 download or play page.

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"The best meditation I've ever experienced!" James Boraas, Oregon