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"It was a miracle. Thank you so much for having all of us into your home and creating such an amazing and healing experience.  I went there with intentions for myself and didn't want to leave without healing in my heart and change in myself. 

I don't know where to start with how life changing and powerful what you are doing is to me and everyone else. I know what I saw and witnessed in each person's journey there changed them. I saw a different face and hope and glow and love in every single person when we left.  It was soooo beautiful!

I know I am changed and that I will never be the same. I found what I was needing in my heart and soul for so many years. I just couldn't do it all alone. I needed what I experienced there with everyone and I know I need to continue with this connectedness to keep elevating to where my soul and heart long to be.

My heart is still overflowing with love and warmth it's truly perfect.I can't wait to come back!!!"

Michele Smith, CT.

"I have so many positive and amazing things to say about Jon's retreat, but I will try to be concise. I came to Jon's retreat in hopes of healing a great deal of emotional pain and anger that I have been dealing with for the past 4 years.  As a mental health therapist myself, I am knowledgeable of many ways in which to heal emotionally, and I have used them all, but I still felt stuck.  The process that Jon uses was just what I needed to get "unstuck" but it was so much more than just that for me.  I feel a transformation within myself that has been truly life changing.  I feel a sense of peace and purpose and I can't wait to see where this new joy for living will take me!  Thank you so much Jon!  You are a bright light of hope for so many others."

Kim Losquadro, Florida

"I am moving forward, and as the time goes by I realize each day how much being a part of the retreat has helped me. I feel NO MORE GUILT- when thinking of my Mother. This is incredible as have been carrying this guilt for decades. Thank you all- and Jon , what a gift to be free from guilt….” Nancy V, Tampa, Fl

"I was not living. I was moving through the motions of life while constantly trying to work out the future and dwelling on the past. I worried about the negative impact that was having on my son and husband.  

Jon created a safe and loving environment that allowed me to open my heart and my mind in ways that I never thought possible. The love and compassion of everyone gave me the strength to do the hardest work I have ever done. Now I am awake and I can see.  It was the greatest gift I have ever received."  

Kerri Williams, Oklahoma

"I had a period 20 years ago where I lost all my core family members very close together. My husband, grandmother, mother, and father all passed within 16 months, my mom and dad died 9 days apart. So I am no stranger to grief. In January of 2023, I lost my oldest child, my 39-year-old daughter Lori. This loss absolutely crushed me.

I have a friend who lost her daughter 8 years ago. She recommended I go see Jon Terrell at Star Dance  Ranch.  Her exact words to me were “This guy saved my life”. Sounded like just what I needed! I came to learn firsthand Jon Terrell is a gifted, intuitive healer. 

My experience there was uplifting, comforting, moving, healing and just incredible. I never expected to bond so closely with the other participants, but we all did. For that weekend, we were our own little healing community. Oh the fun we had getting better!

I left Stardance Ranch that Sunday, my heart feeling a little lighter, my mind a little clearer, armed with some tools taught by Jon and a whole lot of love and support from my fellow participants. Trust the process. It works."

Laurie Haden, Church Hill, TN

"I entered the retreat carrying unbearable grief. The weight of my pain was too much to bear. I longed for my deceased loved one. I exited the retreat free, light, and felt connected with them. Star Dance is magical. Jon Terrell is a guru in the skills of love, compassion, grief, empathy, and spiritual freedom. His leadership of the retreat is one of a kind. I traveled across the country to attend. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I’m so grateful I found this miracle of a retreat and that I had the privilege of participating in it."

Leticia Araujo-Perez, San Francisco, CA

"I really had a great time at the retreat! Bonding with people is a challenge and this really helped me be able to open up, share and experience myself and others on a deeper level.  I really felt stuck and was not growing much as a person after my son passed. This experience has helped me talk more freely about my feelings and to be present for myself and others! I recommend staying at Jon's home if you can because the late night chatting with the other participants is pure gold! It's like an adult sleepover with therapy! Priceless!”

Sandi, Massachusetts

"I’m so glad I found Jon's retreat.  He provided a safe space for participants to grieve and whatever they are feeling.  I was somewhat hesitant because my grief was for a pet, not a human.  But Jon and the other participants welcomed me with open arms and caring energy.  It was truly an unforgettable experience and I recommend everyone to try it and trust the process (especially men)."   

Kaycee C., Orange County, CA

"When I arrived at Star Dance Ranch I was consumed with grief, deep sorrow and anger with the unexpected passing of my mother.  I felt extremely lost, closed off and had fell into a deep depression.

With Jon and the group’s compassion and loving support I was able to release the sadness and anger that has been buried deep inside me.  I definitely had a breakthrough I was able to find a sense of peace and joy once again.  I’m committed to practicing the skills learned that will move my life into the right direction once again.

I’m truly blessed and filled with gratitude for this life altering experience. Thank you, Jon!  Much Love!"

Yvette Kim, New York City

"That was the best weekend of my life!! I feel quite different; the "worthlessness" is gone and I'm seeing through new eyes, feeling through new emotions and my bod feels good! I'm keeping the flames burning here and at the same time relaxing into it.

Before I came I was truly depressed. The loss of my job and closing of my beloved business had me very worried. I had personalized those losses and began to think and feel myself as worthless and unable to work my way into another career. I just didn’t have the energy. My interactions with other people were dull and fruitless. I felt that I had nothing to bring to the table.

At the retreat an unwinding occurred and I found my Deep Self again. Because of the work we did I became very strong in myself and found that creative, joyful self. I wasn't afraid any more! It really was as though the sun came out and I was filled with joy. Life is richer.

Since my return home, I have kept that kernel of joy and found that I am much more capable in my life. I’ve had several job interviews and I continue happily searching for what I want to do next.

One of my very good friends remarked, “You’ve changed, you are like yourself, only more.” And that’s what it feels like to me also. I’m no longer stuck in discontent, but expanding from solid roots into this incredible life.

Thank you, thank you for your love and guidance, for fathering and holding me in that delicate place."

Michele Warren, Boulder, CO

"In reflecting on the grief retreat experience I find myself filled with a sense of peace that I have not felt in several years. The retreat changed me forever. The power of the experience, the energy of all of us there and the safe environment to reach within myself and rediscover my strengths has enabled me to feel the truest of joy.

There are no words to truly express my gratitude for what you bring to people. Your kindness, strength and thoughtfulness affords people the safety to truly embrace themselves, walk through the challenge and come out the other side with a truer sense of self. It is a remarkable feeling.

Our retreat group are forever connected in a bond that was created through journey together. I love these people and I know time nor distance could break that bond. Thank you always"

Jeff Roberge, Leominster, Massachusetts

"I was hesitant to go to this retreat because I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I decided to trust and with that trust I was able to fully immerse myself to find a safe and loving space for healing. Making this leap of trust (financially and emotionally) was difficult for me, but now that I am on the other side I couldn't be more grateful for the love that Jon and the other members provided that made my journey one of the most connecting, compassionate, and incredible experiences of my life. I found my strength and I found forgiveness. Thank you so much." 

Alma Juarez, Portland, OR

"Thank you for an unbelievably powerful weekend! I am feel so truly blessed to have been in such a loving and accepting environment at your retreat. I also want to thank you for the continued support through email. Who would of thought being away for 2 days would be such an extreme adjustment.

I guess to sum up my experience to other people interested in the retreat or looking through the website would be that it was unexpectedly and extremely powerful.

It is as if the feelings I have been unconsciously carrying have left my body an thus have made room for me to feel my light within and see my world from more loving eyes without doing any intellectual or mental work.

I thank you Jon from the bottom of my heart. Your work is a gift. You are a gift

Love always,"

Courtney Sullivan, Woburn, MA

"I came back from my retreat with my tank full,  loved, nurtured, supported and a whole lot of great feelings that I haven't felt in a long time. I went from functioning to living.

The retreat was no cake walk. I did a life time of growing and forgiving in 4 days. This week has been incredible, I am able to handle the curve balls that life throws at me with love and efficiency. My relationship with my family as well as my colleagues at work has been the best its ever been. Most important of all I feel like the weight's been lifted off me.

Thank you for the support and guidance in this journey and for giving me my life back."

Bhavani Kurtz, Saratoga Springs, NY

"I have returned home from an amazing adventure after a healing retreat at the Star Dance Ranch.

I wanted to begin by remembering why I began this journey. I was stuck in sorrow, grief, anger and I felt extremely lost. I found a pamphlet and one of his business cards sitting on the wall outside Jon's office in Northampton,  and I took a chance and called him.

That moment changed my life. Once I began this journey at my first retreat I started to accept the help so generously offered and what an amazing gift. I have so much gratitude, hope and excitement and I now live my life with more peace than I ever thought possible. So, from my heart... Jon I truly Thank You for your true gift of healing. With love."

Marcia Hayes, Hadley, MA

"Jon created the most safe, sacred and powerful container which certainly enriched the weekend for me, along with the incredible encouragement from Jon and everyone. It made for a mind-altering and energy-moving experience, far exceeding my expectations! Under the grass there is GROUND and I will hold onto this how ever fast the earth spins! I am so grateful."

Scott Barber, VT

"This weekend was amazing. A heavy load of grief and anger was miraculously lifted, and still weeks later, I do not feel it and am having a much easier time, living my life without the past weighing me down.

I am able to be with myself and be alone without those negative feelings that were causing me such pain. The weekend is well worth it and the sense of love and community is amazing and wonderful. I still feel like those who took the weekend with me are still right beside me.

Thanks Jon for your gift of healing."

Joey LaValle-Mackay, New Salem, MA

"At Jon's Grief and Loss Retreat I spent time with 7 other folks who had been through challenging life experiences, and watched their transformation to happier, more peaceful and stronger versions of themselves, at the same time that I was also experiencing my own transformation.

It was a wonderful experience. Life changing. Literally. I feel a new joy welling up inside of me. I've been searching for this joy for the past 5 and a half years, since my husbands diagnosis with and then death from, cancer. I had to keep trusting that joy could be mine again, but I wasn't totally sure. The retreat helped me to rediscover it, and I've been waking up each day since, experiencing it anew.

My chronic underlying anxiety and feeling that the "other shoe is going to drop" have lifted completely. I am lighter and happier and really truly enjoying life again.

Jon is a fantastic facilitator. He knows exactly how to help each person experience the letting go and growth that is needed, in a way that is totally loving and compassionate. It was a joy just to watch him in action. Plus, we actually had a lot of fun, which says a lot, since we were all dealing with seriously tough life stuff. My gratitude to Jon for creating such a loving and safe space, and for helping me to re-discover my joy, is immeasurable. I'd highly, highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking for the way through to the other side. It is a life-saver."

Ellen Kittredge, Maryland

"I came to the retreat because I had been through some difficult experiences and although I felt I had moved forward, past emotions clung to me. I wanted to fully emerge from my past and experience joy again. This retreat has illuminated that path for me. Jon does an excellent job of creating a safe space where even the most fragile soul can open up and receive the gifts that are awaiting them. One of the greatest treasures for me were the deep relationships formed between the members. We walk in as strangers and leave as sisters and brothers. My heart overflows. Many thanks."

Kara Hayes, Hadley, MA

"I came with much trepidation, but knowing that I had a lot of emotion inside me that needed to be released in order to move on from recent issues and a cycle that seemed to be occurring in my life.

The sense of intimacy and joy that Jon facilitates is something I'd long sought after! I know now  that this kind of intimacy and joy is what it takes for substantial healing to happen.

I was able to open up to experience the pain in my life and let it go, and to experience a joy and truth that I had held back. I was able to see in other's experiences just how interconnected we are, which made my pain that much easier to learn from and let go of.

Since the retreat, I have felt calmer and more present, more able to let things go. I find myself somehow more resilient than before.  I have never bonded with so many people on such a deep level in such a short period of time, and I can say with a smile on my face that I have made some great friends as a result of this experience. Thank you again Jon for this wonderful gift!"

Clark Herman, New Brunswick, NJ 

"I had done everything I thought I was supposed to have done. Graduated high school, went to college, met a nice guy, went to graduate school, got married, got a great job, moved into a beautiful new home! Fast forward 10 years and I realize that even though I checked off all ‘the boxes’, I felt like something was missing.  I didn’t feel settled, happy or fulfilled.

My therapist pointed out that I was wearing many different masks/hats, the daughter hat, the sister hat, the wife hat, the teacher hat, the friend hat, the funny next door neighbor hat. I was very good at taking these masks/hats on and off for whichever audience I was performing for at the moment. The problem was that I was starting to get exhausting and worst of all, I was feeling like my ‘true self ‘ was getting lost among all of the different roles I was playing in my life. I couldn’t figure out who the real me was, even worse, I was afraid of what I might find.  I started to realize that I was going to have to make some adjustments in my life if I was ever going to find whatever I felt was missing.

I decided to begin the process of taking my life a part brick by brick. Then I began to panic. What was I doing? I needed to get away. I did a Google search, and stumbled across the retreat offered by Jon Terrell. 

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this retreat. I experienced a breakthrough! I began to slowly wake up to myself. I felt like I was able to drop a few layers of protective armor that I had been wearing to shield myself from exposing the real me to the world. I slowly practiced letting my guard down so that I could begin to create authentic personal connections with others at the retreat. 

On my way home, I felt like I was seeing out of a different pair of eyes. Everything around me looked new, shiny, bright, almost glowing. I was seeing the world for the first time in a very long time without the mask on, without the protective shield.  My eyes were brighter and wider. I started to practice connecting with others using my heart and not my ego. It has been a relief to let my protective mask drop… I can actually breathe better and see the true beauty that exists in the world. The retreat did not solve all of my problems, but what it did do, is give me a piece of myself back so that I can be more honest, stronger and more present when I am facing challenging decisions."

Ameera Fiore, Foxboro, MA

"Having tried individual and group therapy for the recent loss of my family members, it became clear to me that I was stuck. I didn't realize how my grief had transferred into depression until I participated in the grief retreat at Star Dance. I'm finally moving forward after months of paralysis. I feel lighter and happier than I have in months."

Joy Benson, Dallas, TX

 "When I arrived I felt like my spirit was completely broken, like I was living on my knees. I left the retreat shining, lifted, standing on my feet with the courage to face life's challenges and the comfort of knowing that under any circumstances I am going to be alright.

I wish you so much love, Jon. I am forever grateful for your work, the experience, what I've learned. I'm excited about the work I have to do. I can't seem to wipe this smile off of my face."

Kalena Powell, Austin, TX

"Thank you. Immense gratitude and love.

Things in my life that I thought would be impossible to fix are already just flowing. I am NOT THE SAME PERSON. And I'm discovering that with every single minute, so many of my habitual patterns are just GONE.

I'm so much more open to love and being loved. I don't even feel pain around the loss and heartbreak I've been through over the years.

And suddenly, thanks to a wonderful conversation with my dear friend, I've figured out what I want in a relationship. I've been struggling to put into words for YEARS but tonight it was though I just KNEW it. Wow. My life is going to be so much easier from now on in so many ways."

Jason Howard, Massachusetts

"The retreat was great!  I came because of difficulty with my siblings…I had a lot of mixed feelings, to say the least.  

With the help of  the safe, supportive group I was ready to do my work. It felt so good to let go of anger and grief and bond with brave and amazing people who went on the journey with us. 

Jon is an excellent and compassionate facilitator.  He definitely has a gift for helping people dig deeply by creating a safe and loving environment.”

Jan Banaszek. Los Angeles

"Prior to working with Jon, I knew there were unchartered territories inside me that were preventing me from developing deep and trusting relationships as well as finding inner peace. I suffered from anxiety and the fear from letting people down and, ultimately, not being loved. Upon meeting Jon and feeling his love and tremendous positive energy and accessibility, I knew I had come to the right person to guide me through my new journey of self awareness.

With Jon’s help through group retreats and one on one sessions, I changed the way I think and greatly reduce the impact of old patterns that were the source of most of my problems. Although it generally takes many years to erase deeply grooved patterns and damaging thought processes, I cleared out the cause of much of my unhappiness after only a short time. Furthermore, following my earliest session, I was able to develop a close relationship and fall in love with the woman who is now my wife.

Without Jon’s help and guidance, I am certain that I would never have had a recent life-altering moment. This watershed moment came after a discussion with a family member that deeply upset me. Just as some people describe a near death experience and their life flashing before their eyes, I too experienced a sort of flash back of the most significant childhood experiences flashing through my brain and coalescing into a logical sequence of events that led me to where I am now. It suddenly made sense why I have suffered over particular issues and what motivates me to seek love.

I was able to experience this because of my sessions with Jon and learning how to access my pain, not mask it, and ultimately let it flow from my body.

Following this life-changing moment, I am more confident and ready to move on with my life. The chains that prevented me from moving forward and seeking those things that bring me joy instead of disappointment have been broken. My wife literally witnessed me going through this transformation and was so amazed and excited to see me go through something that most people are never able to do.

I am very thankful to Jon and absolutely recommend his work to clear out the cause for one’s unhappiness. He is able to create a safe and trusting environment and has a seemingly unlimited source of positive energy that radiates from him likes rays from the sun."

Glenn Burks, Santa Ana, CA

"Thank you for providing the safe container which allowed me to become me.

So here's what I've been up to: I have been busy meeting many handsome, intriguing men, purchasing a new car, and attending a wedding. (Too bad all of this occurred in my dream life rather than real life!)

I have experienced lots of positive changes from the retreat. I've noticed I'm able to speak my mind--no planning or forethought required (yeah!), and generally feeling powerful and on solid ground.

With much love,"

Barbara Long, CA

"I wanted to let you know that I am presenting differently in the world and I love it. I first noticed it Monday night when I met with a group of people I met with regularly. I felt calm, I felt fearless, I felt present, I felt open. Thoughts like: I am wonderful and so are you were the essence of what I was thinking and feeling. I am seeing people now. I am offering me now. It is just great.

I don't know if the words are conveying the depth of change in me, but the energetic shift is profound and I am liking it, very much. I wanted to let you know, as you were such an integral part of my shift.

Thank you for your presence, love and touch this past weekend. I look forward to connecting again 'somewhere over the rainbow.'"

Peg Malloy, Clifton Park, NY

"I cannot remember the last time I felt as safe with a facilitator as I did with you and I think it has everything to do with you letting yourself be stretched and your trust of the process. With gratitude."

Joseph DiCenso, Worthington, MA

"My 17 year old nephew died in a car accident a few years ago and I came to Jon to help me work through the grief and sadness that I was holding onto from that loss. I was nervous about the week-end, the group, my privacy, and just what to expect. I felt so much pain from that loss I was afraid to be exposed. I was much more comfortable covering up and closing off.

Through the work Jon did with me and everyone in the group I could feel myself shifting my viewpoint. I was able to open up to myself and others. I felt a strong support and love from all the members of the group and I was able to release the sadness and really walk into a new way of seeing and feeling the loss. It has been a lasting shift. I see how all of us are connected, by our pain and our happiness. I know I am not alone."

Charlotte Maier, Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you again for inviting me this last weekend. It was way beyond anything I could have imagined. I am staying open and curious. I have a feeling that the process of the weekend will continue for a long time.

I want to share how impressed I am with how you ran the weekend. I can see how much love and thought and preparation you put in. Just the beautiful and appropriate and carefully chosen music selections for every aspect of it speaks to me.

And the careful choreography all weekend...loved the final meeting with its ceremony, and the taking of our picture and even the detail of having a contact sheet for us at the end. Nothing forgotten. True mastery in the organization as well as the taking us through the work/process. Thank you again!"

Meredith Marcoux, Greenfield, MA

"I felt the need to drop you a quick note to say thank you sooo much for this weekend...It was truly a life changing adventure. I am sooo very happy you and the others there this weekend have crossed paths. It truly has planted a seed in me there there is a brighter future for me ahead. Another positive outcome of this weekend for me is, if all self discovery is this adventurous, I am going to keep going. Though it can be painful and scary at times, it has never been boring!

Thanks again for everything you did this weekend. I am so very grateful for your help and guidance through the process.

This weekend was truly a life changing adventure…If you could get this stuff in a bottle, I would stand out on street corners and sell it for you."

Ray Menard, Leominster,MA

About Individual Sessions

Energy Healing, Meditation, Counseling, Bodywork

"I am ready to live with more bravery and to know that I am okay. I am okay, and I am safe, and that is a hard thing to believe. I’m so grateful for you and your work and your gift and how you’ve shared it with me."

Chris Landry, Florence, MA

"I felt such a sense of lightness and relief after our session. I went outside and could see everything so clearly, and when I went back to work (though I was a little out of it) I noticed that I was looking at people's faces and actually seeing them, really taking in all of their expressions and just feeling a sense of calmness and taking in the moment. Also, when you were working on my legs, they felt as if they were longer than my physical body...open and very fluid. It was amazing!"

Katie Killpack, New York City

"Before working with Jon Terrell I never felt like I had enough time and when I did have time I would use it ineffectively. I felt stuck, and afraid and confused about which steps would be the right steps to take for a better future.

During my session with Jon I immediately started to feel more like myself and I quickly had a reawakening of my soul’s purposes, in this lifetime. Since my session, I have felt more in tune with my needs and desires and not afraid of going after them. I feel less guilt around doing those things that make me happy and I have been more joyous in my life than I have been since childhood.

I feel like I live my life to the fullest now, and that the chains that have been connecting me to others and holding me down have dissolved. I feel like I have been born again; this time I feel happy and blessed to live as my authentic self and I'm excited by all the goodness that this brings into my life. I feel like my soul has been set free!

Thank you, than you , thank you Jon!!!! And I got all of this after just ONE session! What a miracle this has been in my life!"

Christina Cote, Holyoke, MA

"One of the biggest struggles that I have is staying 'in my head.' You have helped me with this. The inner light is always accessible, never obvious to others, and consistently beneficial. As a teacher, I have worked with it while in front of my class, and have found that I can change the tenor of the room just by accessing light energy and allowing that energy to transform me – and hence, the feeling of the class. I have accessed light energy in meetings as well, and though it is a more difficult task in these situations (because I am not the one setting the tone for the meeting), I have found it to be successful as well."

Carol Guasti, Brooklyn, NY

“I wanted to thank you for the experience yesterday at your Inner Light Center. I feel much lighter in my skin today and keep reminding myself that it is OK to allow myself to feel this relaxed and present. I was tired when I got home yesterday and went to bed with my daughter. I fell asleep with her resting on me. In my dream I saw myself run to my window and look up at the night sky, at that point I saw a beautiful star shining brightly and realized all of a sudden that it was my Star. I woke up at that point and a flood of memories flashed through me like fragments of light and I suddenly felt peace. Thank you.  I will try to cultivate my Star and inner light. 

Thank you again,”

Kara Hayes, Hadley, MA

Brief Testimonials/Additional Comments

"I felt like you were drawing me back into that which I had lost." - Richard Tracker

"Wow, the sadness is just gone! The retreat has changed my life, I experience the results every day. Thank you. you are amazing. "Melissa Grace Archer

"I was deeply moved by the courage of participants in the retreat and by how close we became in a short time.  I believe we all returned to our lives with greater confidence and renewed hope." Brian C Cohen

"My own experience was very profound, and I felt a spaciousness in my body that I could feel all week. The loving container you created over the weekend was extremely vital to me." - Ann Dolen

"After, I was able to go much more deeply and effortlessly into my yoga practice ... levels of tension I didn’t even know were there had been released." - Joe Burros

"I was quite astounded with the difference in my energy fromdoing the work with you. I’m very excited about it. I find myself speaking my mind more than I have in the past. That is good." - Yhanna Coffin

"I was in a deep funk, very closed and scared. My dearest friend suggested I get a session with Jon. My body trembled as Jon opened up my energy and I felt great releases. I believe I went so deep as to experience the divine, which is odd for me because I don’t have a secure belief in the divine." - Jill Faithful

"Jon is a powerful force for good and a tremendously gifted healer." - Ellen Ely

"Jon’s perspectives, insights and compassion were like a life preserver to a drowning woman. He has an enormous ability to heal. Jon has tapped into a very pure source of information and energy." - Genie Joseph

"Jon is a gifted and highly trained bodyworker, healer, and teacher. He balances great strength and sensitivity, wisdom and compassion. Each session with Jon is a unique experience. Jon is very intuitive about what a person needs at the moment, and tailors his work to that individual at that particular time." - Bruce Jaffe

"I feel truly blessed and incredibly fortunate for my experience with you. It is hard for me to remember what it felt like to be in the state I was before! I will always be grateful." - Suzanne Rush

"You have an amazing gift!" - Alison Greenlie

"Jon is a powerful force for good and a tremendously gifted healer. I experienced the healing of deep emotional and psychological wounds, and a freeing and empowerment to attain my life goals." - Dahlia Kempler

"I want you to know the depth of gratitude I have for the gift of healing from you. My body continues to feel alive and my spirit generous." - Jennifer Burns

"Jon related to who I was and where I was coming from ...I didn’t have to use a lot of words, he just got it." - Alison Jackson

"I felt safe with you. In one session you taught me how to align with my true self and experience a light I never new existed--a light that comforts me and others. I feel empowered." - Samantha T


Jon Terrell, M.A. is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, energy healer and massage therapist. Jon has offices in Northampton Massachusetts and downtown Manhattan. For more information about his work you can reach him:

Jon Terrell, M.A., L.M.T.
Fitzwilly's Building
25 Main Street, Suite #342
Northampton, Massachusetts

Also at

Jon Terrell at TRS
40 Exchange Place
New York, NY 10005

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