Agni Yoga
Inner LightFire Meditation
Free Your Body And Mind
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

"During my Agni Yoga meditation I had a reawakening of my soul's purpose, in this lifetime--I started to feel more like myself and more joyous in my life. I feel set free...what a miracle this has been!" -- Christina Cote

What  is Agni Yoga?

Agni Yoga (Inner LightFire) is a joyous exploration into life, consciousness, and personal and planetary awakening. It's a step-by-step meditation process that bridges ancient Eastern beliefs of inner LightFire and modern Western knowledge. It's a different kind of meditation…active, practical, grounded in the body, and comprehensive.

You learn to explore realms of Light and engage sources of limitless life energy within. You learn to decode the "language of light" that makes up consciousness as you release blocks to the free flow of life.

Many people who have tried other forms of meditation find this method much easier to practice. It can accelerate personal awakening by helping you awaken to and access aspects of your divine nature: the Creator within, the Healer within, the Teacher within, among others. Agni Yoga is also called Inner LightFire Meditation. My training program is called The Star Experience. It is based on the work of Russell Paul Schofield who founded the School of Actualism.

A unique feature of Agni Yoga is that the meditations are often combined with specialized energy healing bodywork that accelerate healing and personal growth. Go Here for an account of a life-changing first Inner LightFire bodywork session.

And here is a comment on my bodywork:

"I woke up this morning with a sense of inner peace and joy, unlike anything I can remember since I began studying Agni Yoga years ago. Our work together restored my faith in the power of inner LightFire and confirmed for me that miracles can happen whenever 'two or more are gathered' for the purpose of light work."-- George Pierson, Brooklyn, NY

Agni, the Vedic God of Fire, symbolizes the transforming power of the radiant light-fire within us.

Agni Yoga is a type of Active Meditation, where your mind is actively engaged in a process, rather than trying to be still. Your experience gradually deepens as you move through the steps.

"It is hard for me to remember what it felt like to be in the state I was before! I will always be grateful." -- Suzanne Rush

Read About Agni Yoga Meditation

A wonderful book by Ralph Metzner called Maps of Consciousness, has recently (2023) been republished. The last chapter in the book is a great introduction to this unique form of meditation.

A Brief Taste Of Agni Yoga meditation

Find a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. It often takes some practice to experience the full depth of this work. It is beneficial to learn it directly from a teacher who can amplify your experience with their guiding focus.

Still, this can give you a sense of it, especially if you sit with a spacious attitude, allowing your thinking brain to slow down a bit so you can open to what happens in the present moment.

Take your time with this meditation. Let the experience deepen.

First, bring your awareness to your physical body for a few moments to center yourself. Breathe in and out, letting your mind calm and your awareness come back from all your activities. Think of our connection as spiritual beings, invoking the power of our deeper selves to support your personality's awakening. Let yourself relax into Presence.

Now bring your awareness to a point six inches directly above the center of the top of your head. This place is an energy center that has been called “The Upper Room.” It is always peaceful here, and as you focus your awareness you can connect with the radiance of your true nature as a being of Light. Experience the peace and clarity here.

Now focus into the heart of this Upper Room, and ask your deep self to reveal a point of radiant Crystal White Light.  Just relax into it, allowing that point of brilliance to grow slowly, becoming a brilliant diamond-like Star, 3 inches in diameter.

(Let your brain relax and open, rather than trying to create or visualize it. Let the Light from within shine…you may not see it optically...just sense it.)

Now let the Star open, and let the Light pour down into your body. Experience this pure stream of Inner LightFire entering through the top of your head, purifying and cleansing your whole body.

Take a few minutes and follow the downpour slowly through your head and face, neck, chest, and arms, going all the way down. Think of your feet and hands open so the energy can pure out, washing you clean. Let this Light flow through your body systems, muscles, nerves, bones, vital organs, skin.

After a few minutes, think of the soles of your feet closing, and let your body fill with the purifying light energy. Enjoy the healing, lifting power of it as you fill.

When filled, let the Light overflow around you, expanding the White Light through your energy field. Absorb this radiant Light, let it lift you, and feet its protection all around you. Enjoy it!


You may want to practice this technique once or twice a day for a week to determine if it is helpful.

I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about it. I offer one-on-one and small group training in Agni Yoga, Inner LightFire. See "Contact Jon" below to send me your message.

Agni Yoga has a unique view of the function of energy centers (chakras).


I offer a step-by-step training program in person and long-distance. Go to Agni Yoga Meditation Classes for more information.

I'm available in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts (serving the Pioneer Valley) and New York City. I can also provide referrals to teachers and healers in other areas of the country.

You may want to check out the link below about Energy Healing, which speaks to a unique form of "Consciousness Clearing" bodywork done while both healer and client work with Agni Yoga Meditation. The results are truly mind-expanding!

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