Balancing Chakras
With Inner Light-Fire Meditation

By Jon Terrell, M.A.

We teach a little known method of balancing chakras that will help bring you into a deeper state of inner harmony and outer confidence.  Based on over 40 years of teaching Inner Light-Fire meditation (Agni Yoga) this work can help you achieve a greater sense of joy, peace and ease.

Balancing Chakras

Thousands of people have used these tools to release stress, tap into their healing and creative abilities and and achieve inner peace.

Balancing Chakras is an active process. You can't just have this work done to you while you passively lie on a massage table. It takes your full participation, your willingness to heal and change your life.

We help you to cleanse your own chakras (energy centers) and then let their light and consciousness uplift your whole body-mind. As these energy centers are cleansed, they naturally support each other and your overall wellness.

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are focal points within our body. For most people they are dormant or functioning at a low level. But when they are brought into action, they are gateways to healing and awakening.

Each chakra has a unique role. The role corresponds to the area of the body where each one is located.  Or rather, it's actually the reverse: each part of the body functions as is does because of the chakra nearby.

Here is an example:

The chakra in front of the base of the spine, sometimes called the "Root Chakra" is related to your sexuality and physical aliveness. Developmentally, this chakra provides the energy and consciousness for the formation of your sexual organs as well as supplying the power for cells to generate throughout your body.

Another example:

The chakra in the center of the brain is about insight, understanding and clarity of mind. Developmentally, it is responsible for the energy and consciousness that builds and maintains your brain. In many people, this chakra is hardly functioning or blocked, and they can get caught up in unhealthy thinking and confusion. But as it is purified and awakened, they tap into inner knowing, insight and clear thinking.

Purifying the Chakras

For the chakras to function optimally, they must first be cleansed of obstructions so they can function at a higher level. This often happen naturally as we evolve, and we become wiser, more loving and generous.

Certain practices, such as those we teach, can speed up this process. Two practices are particularly useful.

One is to work with energy healers to free up the energy in your body and energy centers.

The other is to use your mind to tap into the power of Inner Light-Fire. This method, Inner Light-Fire Meditation, teaches you how to cleanse your body and your chakras.

If you would like to experience a sample of how this works, here is a guided meditation to cleanse and awaken your Heart Chakra.

Once the centers are cleansed and they are functioning as sources of pure energy and consciousness (see below), the centers can also be coordinated or balanced with each other.

Balancing Your Chakras

Why is it important to learn the art of balancing chakras? Here are just a few examples of why this is valuable:

  • Bringing your brain and heart into harmony (brain and heart chakras)
  • Helping your heart and sexuality work together (Lower chakras with heart)
  • Coordinating your receptive, feminine yin side with your dynamic, expressive, male side
  • Uplifting your nervous system to improve communication with others (Balancing Crown and Solar Plexus chakras)

How Many Chakras Are There?

In my experience there are many, many chakras, although some are more vital that others. The most popular chakra system comes to us from India, and describes 7 chakras, although sometimes the locations of these and their functions vary, depending on the source.

Other systems offer a different number and different locations. My primary training comes from Russell Paul Schofield who founded the School of Actualism with his wife, Carol Ann Schofield. The method is sometimes called Agni Yoga. We start out working with 7 chakras, but soon add additional ones to help people awaken more thoroughly.

What Are Some Key Chakras? What Do They Do?

Please note: The following information is based on my training experience. The only way to verify this information is for you to do the work of balancing chakras and experiencing how they function for you.

Many people talk about cleansing and balancing chakras and their information comes from books or teachers. There is a huge difference between having information about and actually doing the work of transformation. Few have gone beyond the mental conceptual realm (about) to actually doing the work. 

Each chakra is both a place to go to experience a pure aspect of your true self, and a source for pure life energy. The short summaries below give only a small taste of what each center is about.  

All of the chakras are located along a central channel that runs from above your head to below your feel. It is centered both front to back and left to right. Along this axis, here are major chakras I work with starting at the top of the head:

The Crown Chakra, located half in and half out the top of your head helps to uplift and transform states of consciousness. When blocked, we can experience negativity and depression. When cleansed we feel open, spontaneous, and free.

The Head Chakra, in the middle of the brain, helps us understand. When blocked, we can experience confusion, anxiety and fear. or just feel "out of it." When cleansed, we have deeper understanding and insight into our own lives and that of other people.

The Throat Chakra helps us express ourselves, verbally and practically by manifesting our goals in the world. When blocked we can't express ourselves or ground ourselves. When cleansed we live creatively and in the moment, and are able to respond to situations appropriately.

The Heart Chakra is in the center of the chest. When blocked our feelings are blocked, we are not in touch with our emotions and can't read others feelings. We may be "caught in our heads." Or we are stuck in uncomfortable feelings with no way out. When purified, this chakra helps us express personal love in relationships.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the upper abdomen. It is all about communication and relates to our nervous system. When blocked our perception is blocked, we can be nervous and stressed. When cleansed we are relaxed, perceptive and energized.

Some systems speak of two chakras related to sexuality and power.  One is generally located in the upper part of the pelvis, just below the navel. The other one, already mentioned, is at the base of the pelvis. When these are blocked we feel stuck and ungrounded and defenseless. When cleansed we feel alive, enthusiastic, expressive, strong.

The Secret: Inner Light-Fire

At our core we are beings of limitless light and fire. 

Our true nature is love and light. Our bodies register this divinity in a variety of ways, but the two strongest are love and light.

We register love through our emotional nature, and especially through the Heart chakra and physical heart.

We register light especially through our senses and brain.

Throughout the ages mystics and teachers have had direct experiences with the divine. They called it called it many names or preferred to keep it nameless to signify that it is beyond words, beyond descriptions.

Awakening or enlightenment is truly experiencing the Light, the light of the divine which is at the core of everyone and everything.

Methods of working with this Light have been taught in many cultures and spiritual traditions. The method I teach my students, Inner Light-Fire, is sometimes referred to as Agni Yoga Meditation.  

We teach a modern version of these teachings, stripped of a lot of archaic and culture specific references, so it is practical and easy to learn way of balancing chakras.

When Inner Light-Fire is experienced through the hands or in some parts of the body, we experience it as energy. Energy healing practices, which go by many names such as Reiki or Pranic Healing or Therapeutic Touch, are related to the work we do.

When personal meditation with Inner Light-Fire is combined with support from a trained energy healer, amazing changes can happen quickly. This inside-out and outside-in combination is a powerful and effective transformational method for healing, awakening and balancing chakras.

If you haven't tried it, experience how this method works on yourself by going to Awakening and Purifying Your Heart Center.

We accept students locally (in New England and New York City) and long distance, using Skype or FaceTime.. If you would like to learn more, send me a message using the form below.


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