What is Energy Healing?
An interview with Jon Terrell by Genie Joseph, host of Love Life Radio and TV host of The Genie Show

Genie: So what is Energy Healing?

Jon: Energy Healing refers to a whole bunch of techniques for healing the body and mind. You may have heard of some of the names of energy healing modalities-Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Quantum touch, etc.

Most approaches involve a practitioner channeling energy through their hands into another person.

Genie: It sounds like there are a lot of different approaches out there.

Jon: Yes there are. One way to distinguish many methods is whether or not they involve physical touch. Some just send energy through thought or through the hands several inches away from the body. I'm biased towards physical touch, just because it feels so good to our bodies.

Another distinguishing feature has to do with where the energy comes from...does it come from a divine source within or not.

Reiki is a form of energy healing where the contact is passed on from teacher to student. Traditional Laying On of Hands comes from God or spirit. In some methods the energy comes from inside...from an energy center that may or may not be tied into divine Presence. In other methods the energy comes from a deep level of consciousness within...such as the theta brain wave level.

If the practitioner is using their own live energy as a source of healing they can tire easily. My favorite energy healing method makes it a point to focus on the divine light within each of us so that healing is not at all from the personality. It's not at all tiring to practice...in fact it's energizing!

Genie: Tell us about the method you use.

I'm familiar with, and trained in a few methods, but I rely mostly on a particular approach I call "The STAR Experience." It's based on my 18 years of experience as a teacher and student at the School of Actualism.

I find it a very practical, grounded approach to healing, that also goes well beyond one-on-one healing techniques to become a whole spiritual practice for those who resonate with it. People who have studied with me have a deep experiential understanding of what is energy healing.

Genie: What can someone expect to happen from an energy healing session?

Jon: Sometimes it feels like almost nothing happens, maybe some relaxation. But the deeper types of energy healing, performed by an experienced practitioner, can bring about a profound change in consciousness as well as physical and psychological healing. Healers can't claim physical healing of course, but it occurs all the time, although it is never in a consistently reliable manner.

I've traveled to observe and experience psychic healers in the Philippines, and I've gone to see John of God. These experiences were fascinating and what I observed went well beyond what medical science says is possible. Yet I did not observe consistent healing. Some people greatly benefited, others had some changes and relief, and some experienced nothing.

Genie: How and where do you practice energy healing?

Jon: My practice, which I offer mostly in western Massachusetts, is focused on one-on-one sessions with clients seeking change and psycho-physical healing. A very popular session focuses on purifying and balancing the energy chakras.

People come feeling stuck, especially emotionally. Often it's about not being able to be effective at work or in relationships.

I offer to help free up the stuck energy, and get a client's life force flowing more freely again, which can bring both immediate and long-term relief. I like to talk about client's "story" that holds their stuck energy in place. Energy healing can free up the "old story" so that a new, more life giving one, can emerge.

Some clients want to learn more about what is energy healing. So every year or two I do offer a training program as well.

For more on my approach to Energy Healing readers can go to my webpage Energy Healing.

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