Life Energy Massage
for "Consciousness Clearing"
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

I first learned about life energy massage over 35 years ago as an aid to meditation. My first "Consciousness Clearing" session with my meditation teacher, Russell Paul Schofield, totally changed my life.

When I got off the body table and walked outside my whole field of perception had changed, and the world was different.

Colors were intensely bright, everything was crystal clear, my field of vision was much wider and there was a sense of stillness.

Everything seemed to radiate light energy, and everything seemed to have its own voice...every plant, even every rock. The world was alive.

And my body was alive. I felt bigger and cleaned out. Movement was effortless, gravity's pull seemed lighter. It was a whole new world, or actually I had awakened to the world as it really was. I felt alive and connected to the natural world in a new way.

Through this Life Energy Massage I realized that mediation wasn't some abstract process I did each morning, but was a living experience of the Actual world of energy that exists when we move beyond the confines of our brain.

Before I was asleep, and this was a taste of awakening. The bodywork session and meditation practice done simultaneously had cleansed my perception and my body of confusion and heaviness.

At that moment I decided to learn everything I could about Life Energy Massage and this form of meditation, called Agni Yoga or Inner Light Meditation.

And I stayed true to this decision. I devoted the next 18 years of my life to it, eventually becoming president of the school and director of its "Psycho-Physical bodywork" training program.

Life Energy Massage is my term for the type of bodywork my teacher taught me. It combines guided Inner Light Meditation with precise, gentle hand positions. It is a series of 6 sessions that can be repeated as needed to support physical and psychological healing, and awakening.

This work clears out uncomfortable thoughts and feelings from your body, leaving you with a sensation of clarity, peace and spaciousness. People often gain an experience of "Presence"--an opening to something greater than their ordinary self awareness--that stays with them. We can go well beyond relaxation and tension relief into expanded states of awakening to a deeper connection with all life.

My teacher and colleagues called it "Consciousness Clearing Bodywork" because it is designed to reach through and cleanse your whole body consciousness. Our body can get so filled with toxic mental and emotional reactions to our life that we are hardly present.

Tension, anxiety and everyday tiredness are patterns of stuck awareness and life energy. when the holding is released we can gather our life energy and awareness back, back into our body and back into the wonder of this moment.

In this wonder is often a body sensation and knowing of experience of the divine as Light or Energy, here and now. As rigid thought patterns, emotions and attitudes held deep within the body are released there is an wakening to what my teacher called "Actuality."

Jon practices healing modalities including psychotherapy, energy healing and massage at his office in western Massachusetts, and in New York City. For more information, or to schedule an appointment use the form below.

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