Chakra Clearing
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Chakras are energy centers within our body that, when cleared of obstructions, express aspects of our true nature…the goodness, beauty and truth within us. Chakra clearing is a process of transforming these centers so they function to help us live our lives more fully, joyfully and effortlessly.

Most people are not in touch with these sources of inner radiance within themselves. And they don' have any idea of how to transform and awaken them.

Their chakras are dormant or functioning at a very low level. Chakras that are blocked can even distort a person's life energy to express the opposite of what they want.

Chakras are located in the center of each person’s body, along a vertical axis that runs from several feet above the head to several feet below the feet. This vertical axis is like a tube or channel for life energy. It runs right through the center of the body left-right and front-back. (As in the illustration above.)

Positive thinking, meditation, prayer and healthy living can all have some effect on chakra development, but the fastest way to accelerate chakra clearing is through spiritual practices that work directly with our life energy, such as Inner Light meditation. These methods can directly purify each center so that it functions at a high level, distributing positive life energy.

The approach I use was developed and tested over 40 years ago by a team of clairvoyant healers. I’ve personally worked with hundreds of clients using these techniques, helping people heal and awaken. (See my bio here.)

Over time I’ve developed the ability to view people's bodies, energy fields and chakras to evaluate the quantity and quality of their life energy and consciousness.

What I Have Learned From Working With Clients 

  • Most people’s chakras are under-developed and blocked
  • One session may give a person a boost, but to really transform chakras takes time and effort
  • A person's gifts-- whether it is creativity or healing ability, emotional sensitivity or wisdom is reflected in the condition of their chakras
  • The body is a map of a person's consciousness
  • Each chakra is about different issues
  • The chakras in the lower half of one's body, which are not even recognized in the popular 7 Chakra model, are increasingly important to function effectively in the world...they are for grounding and accomplishing goals in life

Examples Of Specific Chakra Issues

The Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head, relates to how we view ourselves and the world…Is it a safe or scary place? Are we optimistic or pessimistic? Etc. When the Crown chakra is blocked people experience depressive states, from a mild melancholy all the way to deep negativity and the inability to accomplish anything.

The Head Chakra, located in the center of the brain, has to do with our capacity to think clearly and know with certainty. When it is cleared and awakened, we are open to direct insight, those "Ahas" of understanding. When it is blocked we can be caught up in fear, doubt and confusion.

The Throat Chakra relates to our creative expression and ability to bring into our life what we are here to do. When it is blocked a we have a hard time creating the life we want and expressing ourselves with words and art forms.

How I Work With Clients

There are two aspects to my work, individual Star Energy Healing sessions and chakra meditation homework.

Individual sessions start with a Life Energy Assessment which includes an evaluation of the energy in your body, energy field (aura) and chakras. At each session clients are taught specific Inner Light Fire meditations to cleanse their body, chakras, energy fields and environments.

Then clients lie on a bodywork table as I work with unique, powerful techniques to cleanse and clear the chakras and body systems. Finally, clients fill full with pure life energy so they are recharged and ready for life.

Chakra Meditation Homework

To get the most benefit, clients practice the meditation they learned at home and in life situations. These techniques are designed to further the work of purifying and cleansing the body-mind and chakras. 

For more information, or to schedule the initial session, contact Jon using the form below.

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