Life Energy Healing
And Inner Light
An Interview with Jon Terrell by Genie Joseph

Genie: You’ve spoken of your life energy healing work as a spiritual practice? In what way can it be a spiritual practice?

Jon: Energy work is much more than just a way to alleviate a physical symptom. While it can be great for lifting headaches and other body problems, life energy healing can go much deeper. You can learn how to work with life energy to transform your consciousness, shifting your moods and elevating your awareness. It is a doorway into higher consciousness, expanded awareness.

Of course most forms of life energy healing don’t tap into this, they are primarily for physical and perhaps psychological healing…alleviating symptoms. Because my focus on life energy is that it is part of the spectrum of light, I see it differently.

Genie: How is it different? What do you mean that it is part of the light spectrum and what is so significant about that?

Jon: Well, bear with me for this longish explanation. The universe was created out of light, and light is a different word for energy, a different aspect of it.

The Big Bang was an explosion of Light, out of which came all the stars, the galaxies, planet earth and all our life forms. Matter is really slowed down light, some would say “frozen light.” Energy.

That’s part of what Einstein’s famous equation is all about. There is a tremendous amount of energy in matter, in our form. Now most light is invisible to us…we just experience optically a very small part of the spectrum of light. There are forms of energy flowing through us all the time, gamma rays, x-rays, microwaves, radio waves, etc.

Most we don’t register, although some folks are much more sensitive to these forms of energy than others. Some can be quite helpful and healthy, and others can be unhealthy…that’s why some people suggest, for example, that you not have your cell phone too close to your brain for long periods…the energy radiating out may cause damage. Instead of life energy healing it can be depleting and even harmful.

But energy can also affect our consciousness.. our brains and bodies respond to energy and we can learn to consciously register these effects.

We can even learn how to work directly with light, with life energy. That’s what my meditation teacher, Russell Paul Schofield, taught. He spoke of the training as teaching the “language of Light.” He taught his students how to tap into sources of pure Light within and bring it into their bodies and minds to uplift and awaken. So he taught ways of going beyond life energy healing into realms of Light and awakening.

And that is what I teach. The STAR Experience is a method of working with inner light energy to uplift and transform consciousness, personally, inter-personally, and throughout the planet. For healing and awakening.

Genie: Wow, I think I’ve got it. You’re saying that life energy healing is really just one application of working with inner light, and that inner light is directly related to the outer light that the universe is made up of. And you're suggesting that this work can change things on a planetary basis, affecting everyone.

Jon: Yes! The world outside of us is made up of matter and energy, which are interchangeable, according to the physicists, according to Einstein. And our consciousness is our personal experience of these things…which we register as thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc.

And certain types of energy healing can transform both personal consciousness and the planetary.

As humans we have evolved to the point where we can work with the power of Light directly. That’s the point of a great new book called Let There Be Light by Henryk Skolimowski. It’s the story of the universe from the point of view of the Light, which is much more than just physical, it’s spiritual, the essence of life itself…life energy.

I’d add that to our minds it’s all about light. And our hearts register this same light as love.

So in the Emotional Healing retreats I lead it’s about transforming the ways we get stuck emotionally…in grief and anger say, transforming those feelings back to Light, back to Love. And sometimes we can touch all the way back to the Source…to that big Love, the big energies of life, what we might call divine.

Genie: Are there other examples of Light being a source of awakening?

Jon: Sacred literature in all traditions are filled with examples of awakenings related to light. The core awakening experience is even named light…”enlightenment.” Great teachers spoke of the divine as light. For example Saint Paul’s conversion was of a “light out of heaven” that caused him to fall to earth and awaken out of very stuck beliefs.

And there are contemporary accounts as well. For example, the founder of Alcohol’s Anonymous, Bill Wilson, great awakening experience happened when his room filled with white light. It was so powerful he never drank again:

“Suddenly my room blazed with an incredibly white light. I was seized with an ecstasy beyond description. I have no words for this. Every joy I had known was pale by comparison. The light, the ecstasy. I was conscious of nothing else for a time.”

More recently, the founder of DBT therapy, Marsha Lineham, spoke of her healing/awakening moment, which also came about light:

“The whole place became gold — and suddenly I felt something coming toward me. It was this shimmering experience, and I just ran back to my room and said, ‘I love myself.’ It was the first time I remember talking to myself in the first person. I felt transformed.”

Genie: This is fascinating, amazing, the connection between light and spiritual transformation and healing. You’re saying that life energy healing and light are closely related.

Jon: Yes. In meditation, the divine is often experienced as light, that uplifts consciousness. But that same light, when brought through the hands, feels like energy…there is a vibration, heat, tingling, flow. When we open our eyes we can sometimes notice it…things look clearer, brighter, more distinct. Those whose perceptions are extended, sometimes called clairvoyants, can see the light-energy inside and around people’s bodies. I do some of that in my Energy Healing sessions...identify where people’s energy is stuck using my eyes, by just relaxing and seeing.

Every culture has a different name for energy and light, and different rituals/techniques. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to extract what is of practical use for us.

Even many of today’s healing methods are filled with esoteric instructions that can become abstract and hard to fathom very quickly. So I try to keep it simple and grounded, body-oriented, even though there is a huge depth to what I teach.

I studied with my meditation teacher for 18 years and there was plenty to learn. I try to keep it simple and direct so it can be applied to daily life. It’s got to be usable, practical, grounded to be effective.

Genie: Thank you Jon!

Jon: Readers can go to my Agni Yoga page and learn a simple yet powerful technique of Inner Light Energy.

Thank you Genie!

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