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Jon Terrell, M.A.

Are you searching for healing retreats? Do you want something different---unique, powerful, life changing? Are you seeking a place to go to where you can really connect back to your core and return home refreshed, renewed and reoriented? Check out our retreat offerings.

We offer two types of healing retreats each year. Twice a year, usually in November and May, we offer a 3 day Shalom Retreat called "Breaking Free Of The Old Story." About six times a year we offer our Working Through Grief and Loss and Other Difficult Emotions Retreat. It is also 3 days, usually a Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon format. 

Both types of retreats have much in common:

  • They share a focus on deep emotional healing and transformation
  • Both have highly skilled leadership
  • Are intensive personal growth events
  • They focus less on intellect and more on experience
  • Provide time for each participant to work one-on-one with the leader(s)
  • Both healing retreats are based on core principles of intentional loving: every person is worthy of love and respect.
  • All spiritual paths are honored.

What Are Shalom Retreats?

Shalom Retreats have been described in numerous ways. 

Here are some quotes from participants of retreats at Shalom Mountain, in upstate New York:

“ A Shalom Retreat is a gift you give yourself - a gift of celebrating and experiencing the power of love and community to transform your life."

Tom Penn

"A Shalom Retreat helps you get to the bottom of what, in your life, has been holding you back - so that the anchor to your spirituality can be released, giving you wings of freedom and releasing your irrepressable joy."

Opal Horval

"If you are seeking an experience to jumpstart your personal growth a Shalom Retreat is a really good place to go. It is a four day immersive experience in community and experiential therapy. Within that loving, safe and fun container things can happen that would take years to accomplish in the therapist's office."

Evelyn Ward de Roo

A Shalom Retreat is an intensive personal growth retreat where participants, with the support and witness of loving community, open up blocks to living fully alive in the world. 

John Bottone

"It's an accelerated way to get "unstuck." It's not a lot of talking, or lecturing, or figuring things out. It relies primarily on the wisdom of our bodies, rather than our minds. It's non-denominational, it's not a cult, and there's no Guru or belief system to buy into. It's a group process that's a model of love in action, where the group supports each individual as they do their work. And everybody does their own work; nobody tells us what to do, or does the heavy lifting for us. Most importantly, people don't do these retreats because they need to be "fixed" or because there's something wrong with us; this is a beautiful way to remember who we really are – and to effectively let go of the stories, stuff, and pain that no longer serves us."

Jean Miele

I am on the faculty at Shalom Mountain, and received training there. I've been leading healing retreats, including Shalom Retreats, for over 20 years. (Go here for my full bio.)

Shalom Mountain's motto is Calling people to be conscious, loving and fully alive. It is located in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York. It is a not-for-profit organization owned by the participants. Each retreat has two leaders and 15-25 participants. The 50+ acres of Shalom Mountain are filled with beautiful sacred spots created by participants--a labyrinth, men and women temples, standing stones, moon garden, etc.

For more information on Shalom Retreats and my schedule go here.

What Are Working Through Grief and Loss and Difficult Emotions Retreats?

These healing retreats are for people who are stuck in pain and want to move on in their lives.

Many attend who have experienced a recent deep loss or are anticipating a loss, such as the death of a family member or the end of a relationship.

Others attend because they find themselves stuck. They may not be happy with themselves or where they find themselves in life. Often they feel their condition is related to their childhood or adolescent experiences.

People also attend because they don't know what to do next. At the retreat they are seeking a new vision for their lives.

These retreats contain the same elements of a Shalom Retreat as described above. In addition I've added a range of other processes that help people connect on a deep level and more easily navigate into their stuck places.

These retreats are limited to 9-10 participants and are a more intimate experience than the retreats at Shalom Mountain.

For more information and my current schedule of healing retreats go here.

If you would like to learn more about my work with specific emotions, check out the site map to find pages on working with grief, anger, fear and other feelings.

And to read what past participants have to say go to testimonial page.

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