Grieving A Loss
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

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We offer retreats and counseling for people who are grieving a loss or losses in their lives. 

Grief can be complicated. It has different phases or stages, such as deep, paralyzing sadness, anger at oneself and others, confusion and regret. We may blame ourselves for things we did or didn’t do. We may blame others, including the person whose loss we feel so deeply.

We may be overwhelmed. We may feel that we are drowning in sorrow and don’t know what to do. We may feel stuck in the past, going over in our minds past events. We may not be taking care of ourselves, eating right, managing our lives like we did before.

We may not be able to stop being sad or stop crying. Society often allows a brief period of grieving, after which we are expected to return to our “normal” self. The world will put up with grief for a short time.

Yet grief has its own time and grieving often takes longer than society is willing to give it. We can't return to normal because we still have grief work to do. And it can feel like there is nothing normal to return to…that our lives have been turned upside down or inside out by our loss.

Our grief and loss retreats help people who are grieving and caught in deep emotional upset. We help people who feel it's time to move on from the deep grief but don't know how.

We have helped hundreds of people caught in painful emotions transform that pain and begin to live in a new way. We help people transform their stuck feelings and their lives.

This website is about healing and awakening. Healing is often about our heart–healing our stuck emotions so that we can find joy, aliveness and enthusiasm again. Awakening is often about the mind–moving from the tyranny of painful thoughts and into a place of being present to the spaciousness of what is now.

Healing and awakening are deeply connected to each other. Our grief can be a doorway to deeper understanding and caring. It can be a painful teacher, tearing open our hearts. Yet it leads us to deeper compassion, for others and for ourselves.

Our Retreats For Healing Grief

Read about our retreat: Grief, Loss and Other Difficult Emotions retreats.

Emotional healing takes a lot of energy. You may be feeling tired or sluggish. You may have withdrawn from others. You may need extra sleep. This is normal.

As your grief transformed you will find a new source of energy within you, and this energy will help you move outward, back into the world once again.

We offer retreats 6-7 times each year, mostly in the Northeast U.S., and once a year  in California. As our retreats are intensive personal growth experiences, we like to do a phone interview of each potential participant to help us determine if the retreat is appropriate. You can reach Jon Terrell through the form below. Please let him know your location and best times to reach you to set up the short interview.

Jon also offers counseling at his office in western Massachusetts and in New York City and via the phone and Skype. Contact him using the form below for more information.

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