Dying Before You Die

Living Joyfully into the New Paradigm

Led By Kai Carol Jud

Date To Be Announced
Shalom Mountain, Livingston Manor, NY

$695, all inclusive

What does it mean for a spiritual journeyer to be living in this time of radical cultural change? How can we live more joyfully and creatively as we ride this Evolutionary Wave?

Dying Before We Die is a process of letting go of our ties to the past and opening to the mystery of the unknown. Paradoxically, it is only in facing our deaths that we can truly live.

In this weekend of deep community, small group process and ritual, we will move into the realms of death and rebirth as we open into a more vibrant relationship with ourselves and the world that we live in. Unfasten your seat belts!

This retreat is not designed to provide individual work although it will undoubtedly bring healing. This weekend is about cracking us open outside of our areas of comfort and into new perspectives. This is not a retreat for beginners. It is a retreat for serious journeyers who are ready to explore the edges of their fears in the service of living more fully.

Please join us.

About The Leader

Kai Carol Jud is a trained Core Energetics therapist who founded the Institute of Process Therapy in 1988. She was in private psychotherapy practice and facilitated Shalom Retreats for almost twenty years before setting out on the road with her husband Chris in 2005.

Kai traveled the world with Chris for seven years, connecting with sacred sites on the planet, spiritual leaders and lightworkers. Chris died in 2012, bringing her into deeper experience of the death, dying and grieving process. She now returns to Shalom Mountain to share the fruits of these life changing journeys.

Location and How To Register

This retreat will be held at Shalom Mountain, in Livingston Manor, NY. The cost of the retreat is $650, which includes all meals and lodging. 

The retreat begins at 6:00 on Thursday and will end by 1:00 on Sunday afternoon. 

For reservations or more information, please call Shalom Mountain at 845-482-5421. Or you can send me a message below.


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