Sabrina Must

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Northwestern University, Sabrina Must uses the written word to inspire others to be authentic and raw. 

Sabrina works with individuals to facilitate the grieving process through writing. At, Sabrina blogs about dating, travel, adventure, grief, self-growth, politics, and more. She is the author of Must Girls Love, a memoir about her sister's suicide, and the Living Witnesses Holocaust survivor series. 

In addition to her creative, healing work, she founded WriteLessBad, a content service for businesses to perfect their written communication. 

A certified yoga sculpt teacher and certified personal trainer, Sabrina sees incredible value in mind-body connection. She incorporates breath and body work into her workshops.

She has lived on 3 continents and in 5 US cities, traveled to over 30 countries, and can always be found playing sports, surfing, climbing, and biking with her pug Monkey.

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