A New Approach To
Wellness and Awakening
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Deep down, we all long to be fully alive and present in each moment. We want to love and be loved. We want to shine in the world and express all of our gifts.

But we can find ourselves trapped in conflict, pain and uncomfortable, destructive emotions. We can feel cut off from love, from our sources of aliveness and wellness.

In new relationships we can end up repeating old destructive behaviors, unconsciously recreating the conditions we so much want to avoid. This can be a shocking realization!

Yet, when we wake up to this pattern, however uncomfortable the realization is, it is the beginning of our journey home.

The day we realize that we’ve lost our way is the start of a new journey, towards wholeness, healing and love.

It is not about following another person's path but discovering your own.  

Within each of us are the keys to healing and awakening, to finding our way home. 

This site is about finding those keys.


Our wellness approach focuses on emotional and energy healing. 

Emotional Healing occurs when we fully experience our feelings. But often we don't know how to do this...we may have learned to stuff our feelings, swallowing our grief, anger or fear to be accepted by others. Sometimes uncomfortable feelings come screaming up and can hurt others, and at other times they just hurt inside.

Many people come to our retreats to feel fully alive again by connecting with and working through these buried emotions.

Sometimes we've stuffed our feelings, especially grief, and end up sad and depressed. While clinical depression may be helped with medication, deep emotional work can often be extremely valuable in helping someone reclaim their life and joy.

We can have a full understanding our our situation but still be stuck because people are stuck not at the thought level, but in their feelings. That is where the work needs to happen.

People sometimes come because they are trapped in one feeling to the exclusion of others. They may be sad all the time, or angry, or anxious all the time. At our emotional wellness retreats they learn to be whole again by fully feeling their emotions. Within these uncomfortable feelings are our joy, passion, aliveness and excitement...waiting for us to reclaim them. 

Feelings, especially the challenging one we tend to avoid, are our greatest teachers and healers. They hold treasures waiting to be discovered and embodied. The Healing Feelings section offers more information about these gifts.

People also attend our retreats because they have had a loss or losses in their lives and are caught in deep sadness. They come because they feel stuck and need help. The emotional healing retreats help people move to the next step in their journey.

Emotional Healing is best done in groups, where the power of love is unmistakable and pervasive. What can take years in a psychotherapeutic setting can often be worked through in the course of a retreat or two.  

The pain of our wounding, when shared with others, brings both relief and a recognition that we are not alone. As the emotional energy locked in old feelings is transformed at the retreats, participants reclaim lost energy and awareness. They experience a profound wellness, feeling more whole, loving, joyful.

We offer three related emotional healing retreats:

Grief, Loss And Other Difficult Emotions Retreats are Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon small group events for people seeking relief from emotional pain.

Breaking Through The Old Story Retreats, also called "Shalom Retreats", are Thursday to Sunday for up to 22 participants and are designed to help people who are stuck in old, repetitive patterns.

Healing Emotional Pain is an extended retreat, Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon held in Florida once a year.


Energy Healing can rebalance, renew and awaken us to our full potential. It's a wellness practice that helps us access our deep Self and our forgotten gifts.

Our unique individual energy healing sessions cover the spectrum from deep tissue methods that release core emotional holding patterns to subtler "energy" methods of clearing and balancing chakras and consciousness.  

Start with this page to explore these offerings.


This site can help you find your own path to the limitless power of love and healing within you

The site itself is designed as a journey. Explore it.

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