Love and Relationship Rescue

by Jon Terrell, M.A

You can live a life centered in LOVE

--and create deep, loving relationships all around you.

You can free yourself from past relationship problems

--and find tremendous new energy for living a passionate life

You can express your true nature as LOVE

--and find yourself letting go of fear and anxiety

You can open to true intimacy

--and find self doubt and self criticism disappearing

Over the past 20 years I've worked with hundreds of people who felt stuck and were were looking for some kind of relationship rescue. Many of these people struggled to find love or longed for a breakthrough in their current relationship.

I've learned what works and what doesn't.

There has been an explosion of self help books and guidance, and while much of it can be helpful, they are just not helpful enough!

  • People try various methods to change their thoughts such as positive thinking and affirmations. They often get a short-term boost from these, but not long-term changes.
  • People try all sorts of ways to change their perspectives from doing imagery and visualizations, to different forms of talk therapy and coaching. Some of this can be quite useful, but it can take a long, long time.
  • People try different types of alternative healing methods of one kind or another. Many have received benefits, but still haven't changed their core patterns, so these approaches have little lasting effect.

While these all can be helpful (I use and practice some of these methods myself) we often need something deeper, something that breaks the old patterns.

To get deep results and break the old patterns we need to go to where we are really stuck, and that is a lot deeper than our thoughts.

To make the big changes we need to make and to clear out our blocks to loving--for genuine relationship rescue--we need to free ourselves from where we are stuck emotionally.

Freeing Stuck Emotions

We all long to live the life of our dreams. What keeps us trapped is that a huge amount of our life force is stuck in old beliefs, old feelings and outdated perspectives of who we are.

These thought, feelings and perspectives are the old story we are trapped in. It holds a huge amount of our life force and sense of self that, when freed, can propel us towards living the life we want. A life filled with health, joy, abundance, clarity of purpose, and so much more.

That's the new story we long for!

Where we are really trapped though is in old feelings, many of which we may not be that aware of on a daily basis. These emotions can form a sort of background noise to our life that we've built up so slowly we hardly notice it any more.

  • It might be some buried sadness that we only really feel when triggered by a movie or a television show.
  • Or it might come out in sudden bursts of anger that "come out of nowhere."
  • Or it might just be irrational fears, or feelings of inadequacy, or a depressed mood, or difficulty trusting others.

The key to Relationship Rescue is to transform the old story of our lives by working through our stuck emotions.

And that doesn't have to take a lot of time. At our retreats people make huge changes in just a few days.

We need to learn how to safely and quickly free up all those old stuck feelings, gain back all our life force trapped there. And then bring our life force back home. into our present body and life so we can live into the new story of who we can be and yearn to be.

That is the work of our emotional healing retreats.

The Gifts Within Our Pain

The big discovery people make with our work, is that hidden within our biggest problems are our greatest gifts!

Over and over again, at our retreats, people awaken to this truth. What we've been avoiding because of pain actually becomes our treasures.

  • Inside our Grief is Joy!
  • Inside our Fear is Excitement and Wisdom!
  • Inside our Anger is Passion!

Inside all of our pain is love. Emotional pain is stuck love! Not just a feeling of being in love that people fall in and out of, but the big love that we all are searching for. 

That love is  much more than a feeling, much more than someone else can ever give us. It's inside each of us, yearning to burst out. 

We discover that each of us are here to give and to receive love, fully and unconditionally. This becomes not just a thought, or a code of ethics, but a powerful force for good that motivates us to choose loving actions on a moment-by-moment basis.

Love And Relationship Rescue

Our main retreat is called Working Through Grief, Loss And Other Difficult Emotions. It is offered several times a year in western Massachusetts, and once a year in Florida. 

I offer phone, Skype and in person "relationship rescue" counseling and support before and after retreats. For more information, contact me using the "contact Jon" form below.

"That was the best weekend of my life!! I feel quite different; the "worthlessness" is gone and I'm seeing through new eyes, feeling through new emotions and my bod feels good!" 
Michele Warren, Boulder, CO

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