Finding Love
& Keeping Your Love Alive & Well
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Are you having trouble finding love?

Do you worry that you won’t ever have a deeply loving relationship?

Do you struggle with fully expressing your self in relationships?

Do you sometimes feel isolated or lonely, carrying around old pain?

Do you feel that you are going around in circles, trapped in the same old relationship problems?

Do you want to clear out the blocks to living a life based on LOVE? And live a life filled with love?

I am a psychotherapist and retreat leader who helps people create loving, trusting, long lasting relationships. I work with adults who:

  • struggle with finding love
  • have difficulty keeping love alive
  • feel cut off from love 
  • feel out of touch with their feelings
  • are trapped in uncomfortable emotions 

People come to our deep emotional healing retreats from all over the world. Many people attend these events to work through uncomfortable feelings, especially grief, anger and fear. Others attend who are just stuck in their lives. All come because they want to love and be loved.

It Isn't Your Fault

First, I want to say that there is very probably nothing wrong with you! It isn't your fault you feel stuck or are in emotional pain or are having trouble finding a relationship that works.

You may hear the critical inner voices that tell you that your are:

  • Not Smart Enough
  • Not Intelligent Enough
  • Not Good Looking Enough

These voices may have a positive intent of protecting you from being hurt, but they are a poor strategy for finding love. These voices need to be upgraded, and our retreats can help you do that. Our retreats will help you upgrade your emotional intelligence.

Our world doesn't do a good job of teaching emotional intelligence, of helping people learn to how to love and be loved.

You may have tried different forms of self help or have gone to others for help and it hasn't been as effective as you had hoped.

No one has handed you the guidebook of how to love successfully, of how to live a life filled with LOVE and everything love promises.

Guidance For Finding Love

There is that guide, but for many of us it lies hidden and dormant--inside of each of us. My retreats and one-on-one... is about helping people learning to connect with this guidance.

It is as if there is a compass inside of us that is buried. As we unearth it and get it operating again, it will lead us to exactly where we need to go.

As you discover your inner guidance, and learn to apply the Skills of Loving that we teach, everything will change, because THE POWER OF LOVE changes everything it touches.

And, as you live into LOVE, your life transforms, as well as all your relationships. Obstacles dissolve and your whole world opens  up. Your natural inner light will shine brighter and brighter.

A Brief Personal Story

About 15 years ago I found myself stuck. All my previous skills and training were of no help. After a lot of searching I finally got the help I needed.

I attended a retreat that changed my life. (I now lead retreats like that!) My heart opened up in a way I had only dreamed possible. I still have work to do...we all do. But I've had a huge change inside...I've filled that hole inside of me...with love.

As I did my personal work, I realized that what I enjoy most is helping people live life fully and joyously, present and loving in this and every moment.

There is a deep LOVE inside each of us that we all long to express. At our core, we all long to LOVE and be LOVED.

Getting The Help You Need

Our unique approach to working with clients, synthesizes over 40 years of my experience as a psychotherapist, retreat leader, meditation teacher and energy practitioner. Clients receive a proven program that directly connects them with their own power of LOVE and that achieves deep lasting results, often in just one weekend.

You can start finding love with one of our deep emotional healing retreats. Here is where you can transform your old stuck story by working through the old feelings. Here you can stop blaming yourelf (or others) and find deep healing. Here is where you can find that inner guidance, that compass. 

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