Energy Healing Retreat

with Jon Terrell, M.A.

The Journey of Awakening

 I began a journey into the world of energy healing and "inner light" as a young child. While shaking a wooden ruler back and forth, I looked at the sun's light reflected off its tip and entered an altered state of consciousness. This led, over several years, to an in-depth exploration of consciousness and healing.

I learned to listen and see in new ways as my perception expanded.

These early experiences kindled a desire for more and led me to study with many masters of energy healing, in the U.S. and abroad. I learned that most cultures have their unique version of energy work, with women traditionally focusing on energy healing and men on inner light. Each teacher I studied with used very different methods and terminology, some were more body focused and some more spirit focused. Later, this made more sense as I realized that life energy is, as Eckhart Tolle put it, "the bridge between form and formlessness." 

For many years I studied with a team of clairvoyants led by Russell Paul Schofield, the founder of the School of Actualism, and learned a type of energy healing and meditation called Agni Yoga or Inner Light-Fire.

In this retreat, I synthesize learnings from numerous teachers and teachings and over 45 years of experience practicing and teaching these techniques. I try to translate esoteric techniques and language into practical skills explained in plain English.

I hope to de-mystify the concept of life energy even as we explores its mystery. In our brief time together you will learn a "life energy management" toolkit that includes inner light-fire meditations and hands-on energy healing techniques.

This is a body-centered process. Our issues are in our tissues. You will learn active meditations that directly connect you to what is going on in your body, revealing the thoughts, feelings and sensations related to the past and future that keep you from being fully present and alive. You will learn to use inner light to reveal and inner fire to free your body and mind from these energy and awareness stealers, these "hungry ghosts", so that you can more easily maintain present moment awareness.

We will work with energy centers (chakras) to clear out the old stories and reveal more of your true nature. You'll learn many ways to manage your life energy in daily life. For example, our morning exercises will include energy movement meditations (Qigong). Before eating we will practice blessing the food with life energy. We'll practice purifying environments (Feng Shui). You'll learn ways to send energy for support and healing and how to manage your awareness and life energy to avoid exhaustion.

These tools can be especially valuable to those in the healing professions -- process leaders, psychotherapists, massage and bodywork professionals, nurses, physicians. No specialized experience is necessary. The retreat is open to all those who wish to benefit.

This retreat takes place periodically, as people request it. For more information contact Jon using the form below.

A related retreat, which I offer each June or July is called Into The Heart Of Healing and is a training in Inner Light-Fire techniques. For more information click here.

Jon Terrell is a gifted intuitive who wears many hats: psychotherapist, energy healer, meditation teacher and retreat leader. He an ordained minister, somatic therapist and mental health counselor. Jon was president and training director of the School of Actualism where he started one of the first wellness centers in the US. He is a core faculty member of the Omega Institute and has lead emotional healing retreats in California, Florida, Massachusetts and New York since 2001. His passion is to help people move out of habitual ways of being in the world to discover their aliveness in the present moment.

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