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My story

As you can see from my website, I am an "out of the box" person. My work just doesn't fit into one category. I built this website myself using Site Build It, and it works. Every month it brings me more traffic, especially the specific people I want to reach.

I did this and so can you! You can create your website that expresses exactly who you are and reaches your ideal clients.

I've always had trouble marketing my work because it doesn't fit neatly into one area. Through SBI! I've learned that I don't have to "sell" but rather just naturally express what inspires me.

I don't fit into traditional healer categories--I don't see myself as a massage therapist or typical psychotherapist, for example, even though I have been trained in those fields. What I do is unique--it's quite different from what others offer. I teach a form of meditation that few people have heard of, and the bodywork I do is not really comparable to other types.

Because of this many communication modes based around categories haven't worked well for me--I never know which category to list in. And brochures haven't worked well for me because there isn't enough room to differentiate myself. But the web is different because I have plenty of space to express who I am and reach those people interested in what I do.

Before I found SBI! I created a 5 or 6 page website using a large "web host" company. It looked nice but was basically an online business card. I didn't get any traffic. I know people who have spent hundreds of dollars on sites and still have no or very little traffic.

Then one day I read an article by a psychotherapist on marketing, and he mentioned in it that he had great success with Site Build It! He talked about how to create your website in line with your own values. I went to Site Build It! and looked it over and it immediate made sense to me. It was reasonably priced and included everything I would need.

So I took the plunge!

What I liked was that although it was going to take some time to create my site I could really express what I do. They made the steps clear--it was step-by-step. I could use my own words and build the site just how I wanted.

Frankly, it was a challenging process for me at the beginning. It took several weeks to focus on my niche and begin writing pages. But once I got going I build a website that keeps growing and growing.

It is working. Today I have over90 pages and my traffic is increasing rapidly. I now have over 500 visitors a day to my site. And I'm getting responses from just the people I want to reach.

For many keyword searches my site now comes up in the top 5 listngs in Google.

I am on my way. And you can create your website too.

Here is a video about Site Build It with all the details:

Site Build It!

Your Story

SBI! makes online business success do-able. Anyone can succeed with its all-in-one process, tools, and guidance. It takes beginners gently through the process--and yet many experienced folks use it too because of its advanced features!

There are easier, quicker ways to build a Web site, but to get people to find you, you need much more than a collection of Web pages. SBI! includes all the tools and a proven process that is required to create a website that builds long-term, profitable results.

Creating pages is simplified with their block-by-block builder that trains you how to write a page that is both "Search Engine and human effective."

You get all sorts of tools and help. There is a huge community for support, including lots of folks in the healing professions that are using SBI! to create successful businesses.

What does it cost?

The cost is $299/year. I know of nothing that compares--where else can you create a website that attract hundreds of people looking for exactly what you do at anywhere near that price.

It's already paid for itself many times over for me.

I did it and so can you. You can create your website. And you might just get the bug and create more than one. I've just started my second site!

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